Sonntag, 14. September 2014

Outliner V1.6.0, Drag & Drop

Eventually it is possible to move nodes via Drag & Drop. After so many user requests I could not longer resist. Thank you for your feedback!

The small buttons at the right side of the list let you drag an activity or a subtree and move it to another postition within the list.
You can disable the new feature in the Settings "Drag & Drop In All Views". However, in move mode the buttons always stay visible.

Outliner, Drag & Drop
Changes 1.6.0

  • Drag & Drop (globally disable/enable in Settings)
  • PRO: automatic backup now completely in background
  • Fix: occasional force close after editing an activity

A long click on the '+' button at the bottom adds a new activity at the beginning of the list instead of the end.
You can configure this behaviour in the Settings.

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5 Kommentare:

Pascal.CRB hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for this drag-drop sweeping to change sequence of entries. I was - very happily - surprised to suddenly see this - long awaited and "obvious" - feature appear after an update. THANKS.

shekhar hat gesagt…

Thanks for this update. Please give option/include the feature of moving(drag and drop) for the LIST also.

afritz hat gesagt…

Manual sorting of the Outlines already is on the issues list.
Thank you for your feedback.

Pascal.CRB hat gesagt…

Sometimes, for a quick drop of an outline-node, and for not instantly forgetting what I was going to write down anyway, I just open any outline and add another node/task entry.
However, I may then subsequently like to actually not only SORT the item in the list, but actually MOVE it to another outline ... by a new sweep feature.
Let me explain ...
I was inspired by the "sweep-right" to move an item to the 'right' and make it a child of the above item, and the "sweep-left" to close a sub-tree.
Well, could it be made possible to use a "sweep-left" to move a (closed) tree/task to another Outline altogether ?
This would seem a nice alternative to me for the sequence:
- "long tap" on item
- choose "subtree(copy/paste/...)
- cut subtree
- navigate to main list of outlines
- choose the destination outline
- "long tap" on an item in the list
- choose "subtree(copy/paste/...)
- "paste as sibling"

Yul PHAM DUY hat gesagt…

Lieber Alfred, ich hoffe, du entwickelst deine Gliederungen weiterhin weiter. Zum ersten Mal habe ich einen Fehler gefunden. Ich kann in meiner Gliederung „L015“ nicht suchen, ohne dass ein Anwendungsfehler auftritt. Ich kann nach L014 suchen und habe es gefunden, aber nicht nach L015. Seltsames Verhalten, nicht wahr? Danke fürs Lesen.