Dienstag, 5. Februar 2019

Outliner V3.0.0, Sync Treeline

Treeline is a cool, free, open source desktop Outliner available for Windows, Linux and Mac. It has a long tradition, is very stable and the developer carefully decides which features make sense.

Outliner (PRO only) syncs with Treeline via Dropbox.

That means: Outliner users have a free Desktop Outliner and Treeline users have "Treeline for Android" (at least for a defined subset of Treeline's features).


Connect Outliner with your Dropbox account (Settings, Synchronization, Dropbox).
Simply set up an Outline within Outliner and choose "Config Outline, Synchronization, Treeline Dropbox", change something and close the Outline. Open the Outline with Treeline on your Desktop in the Dropbox folder "Apps, outliner, treeline".

Detailed information with a how to and with the explanation of the synced fields is found in the Tutorial.

Outliner's PRO version has a context menu "Subtree" when you long tap an activity in the list of activities. This lets you cut/copy/paste/sort/share subtrees.

General Info here.
Version History here. 

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