Version History

3.6.0, 2024-02-18

  • Level Colors, repeat next 6 levels
  • Outline Edit new: OK + Sibling
    • OK+Next changed to OK>>
    • OK>> always edits next activity
  • PRO: Search, highlite found text
  • PRO: Move mode, cut/copy/paste
  • Move mode, material buttons
  • Fix: Sync Treeline, doubled GUIDs
  • Fix: Sync Dropbox, frozen wait window
  • Fix: Search, expand parents
  • Fix: stability improvements

3.5.6, 2023-08-29

  • Library version upgrades
  • Android 13 API upgrade
  • Android 13, themed app icons
  • Text selection, enable Web Search
  • Fix: import Treepad, occational errors
  • Fix: subtree context menu, wrong title
  • Fix: incorrect file permissions on WSA

3.5.5, 2023-03-26

  • PRO: Zoom into subtree
    • long tap activity, Subtree, Zoom Into Subtree
    • navigate back with breadcrumb track
  • Fix: open file from latest Dropbox client
  • Fix: copy very large subtree

3.5.4, 2023-02-05

  • Android libraries upgrade
  • Fix: Stability improvements
  • Fix: Change language needed restart
  • Fix: Better handling of Android back/home gesture
  • Add previous sibling (context menu)
  • PRO: Export, save as
  • PRO: Backup, save as (Settings, Backup To ...)
  • PRO: long tap collapse/expand button

3.5.3, 2022-11-19

  • Android 12 API upgrade
  • Fix: Show ToDo, wrong sort order (introduced in 3.5.2)
  • Fix: Notify Due Date not reliable on some new devices

3.5.2, 2022-10-26

  • Italian Translation (thanks to Federico Targetti for the great work)
  • Android library upgrades
  • Font Size Notes in Activity List (Settings)
  • PRO: Sync Treeline, support RichText-strikethrough
  • PRO: Backup to  Dropbox, better background job management
  • PRO: Show breadcrumb track in ToDo/Hashtag view

3.5.1, 2022-07-04

  • Google Data Safety Form (Play Store)
  • Button Style (new indentation icons) (Settings, Appearance)
  • PRO: Automatic dark mode (Android 10+, Theme: System)
  • PRO: Sync Treeline 3.1, linefeeds
  • PRO: Show due, hide activity immediataly after checking
  • PRO: Fix: Export TXT, cleanup HTML code

3.5.0, 2022-02-06

  • Android 11 API upgrade
  • Scoped storage for new installations
  • Imports, show list before importing
  • Imports, open with file manager
  • Remember last import-/export format
  • Choose date format (Settings)
  • Activity Edit, shift due date six months
  • Themed navigation bar
  • PRO: Sort order level one
  • PRO: Open backups with file manager
  • PRO: Backup to Dropbox (optional)

3.4.1, 2021-08-29

  • Search, clear search history
  • Status bar, show elevation
  • PRO: Dropbox API upgrade
  • PRO: Dropbox sync icon
  • PRO: Dynamic shortcut, ignore outlines from file managers
  • PRO: Nextcloud client, open/edit Outlines
3.4.0, 2021-01-17
  • Target new Android Api level
  • Korean translation (thanks to Lee Cheol-min for the great work)
  • Translation updates
  • PRO: List Of Outlines, #Hashtag filter
  • PRO: Sync Google Tasks, experimental multilevel (Settings)
3.3.2, 2020-10-10
  • Fix: Google Tasks sync, shifted day in certain time zones 
  • Fix: open keyboard in new activities, Android 9+
  • Fix: multiline in Activity Name for certain keyboards
  • Activity List, reorganize context menu for smaller screens
3.3.1, 2020-07-28
  • Fix: Permission for BackupService, Android 9+ 
  • PRO: Sort Children (finished at bottom)
  • PRO: Sync Dropbox, optimize first sync
  • PRO: Dynamic Shortcut, Add To Inbox
  • PRO: Dynamic Shortcut, show 2. Outline
  • PRO: Search, jump to search string in Activity Note
  • PRO: Search Next in Activity Note
  • PRO: Duplicate Outline
  • Target new Android Api level
  • Setting for swipe sensitivity
3.2.0, 2019-08-12
  • PRO: Sync Google Tasks, Level Restriction implemented
  • PRO: Sync Google Tasks, warn deleting default Outline
  • PRO: Sync Google Tasks, speed up loading large Outlines
  • PRO: Additional Theme: Dark Grey
  • Level Colors, save/restore personal color scheme
  • Fix: QuickEdit, not saved after change checkBox on some devices
3.1.0, 2019-04-21
  • Todo- and #HashTag-View, Jump To Show List (tap and hold activity)
  • Animate swipe gesture when moving left or right
  • PRO: Sync Google Tasks, Level Warning
  • PRO: Sync Treepad, show readonly plain text from RTF nodes
  • PRO: Sync Treeline, respect translated templates
  • Fix: Sync Treeline, Stack Overflow with linked tasks in a circle
  • Fix: stability improvements 
3.0.1, 2019-02-20
  • Fix: Sync Google Tasks, API update mixes levels
3.0.0, 2019-02-05
  • PRO: Sync Treeline (free open source Desktop Outliner)
  • PRO: Sort Subtree
  • PRO: Share Subtree
  • Level Colors, more default colors
  • Fix: open from Dropbox App after restart 
  • Fix: links in notes on some Xiaomi devices
  • Fix: usability improvements in the list of Outlines
2.3.2, 2018-12-10
  • Fix: Android 9, stability improvements
2.3.1, 2018-11-26
  • PRO: Rich Text (format activity notes - bold, italic, font size, ...)
  • PRO: Export HTML, HTML Style (Settings, Synchronization)
  • PRO: Sync Google Tasks, Level Warning 
  • PRO: Sync Google Tasks, you may have to reconnect Outliner to Google Tasks
  • Fix: Sync Google Tasks, occasional duplicate entries 
  • Fix: QuickEdit, shortcut keys and external keyboards
  • Fix: Open Outline from recent Dropbox App, conflicted copies
2.2.1, 2018-08-20
  • FIX: dynamic launcher shortcuts crash if Outline name is empty
2.2.0, 2018-08-19
  • PRO: max. number of backup generations
  • PRO: finish percentage activity list (Settings, Appearance) 
  • PRO: Sync Google Tasks, renaming Outline syncs to/from server
  • French Translation (thanks to Denis Giraud for the great work)
  • Activity Edit: OK + Child
  • Reorganize Settings structure
  • Android 8, adaptive icons
  • Android 8, dynamic launcher shortcuts
  • Android 8, notification channels
  • Fix: stability improvements
  • Fix: Show Todo, sort order

2.1.2, 2018-02-17
  • Fix: Open Outline from Dropbox App, handle new content provider
  • Fix: Open Outline from Google Drive, handle read/write mode
  • Fix: Android 8, launcher shortcut

2.1.1, 2017-11-19
  • Toggle Activity count in Outline List (Settings)
  • PRO: Open Outlines with more file managers (mime type improvement)
  • PRO: Open Outlines from Google Drive (mime type improvement)
  • Search, connect search terms with 'and' (e.g. search '#holiday and thailand')
  • Fix: stability improvements
  • Fix: sync Google Tasks, occasionally overwrites changes from other device

2.1.0, 2017-10-08
  • Font finished grey, add transparency for better visibility
  • Russian Translation (thank you Michael Lobko for doing all the work)
  • Activity Edit, advance due date one year
  • Activity List, show search button if room
  • Outline List, show number of activities (all/unfinished)
  • PRO: Sort Order Outline List (alphabetic/manual, toggle in Settings)
  • PRO: New View #Hashtag, @Hashtag
  • Fix: force close when opening Outlines from certain file managers in readOnly mode
  • Fix: stability improvements
  • Fix: use standard  file picker with content provider in newer Android versions
  • Fix: sync Dropbox, first upload failed in conflicted copy mode

2.0.3, 2017-07-02
  • Fix: Android 7 file communication (ownCloud, Dropbox, file manager)
  • Fix: stability improvements

2.0.2, 2017-06-11
  • PRO: Dropbox Api 2.0 (please reconnect your Dropbox account)
  • PRO: Optimize Google Tasks sync speed for large Outlines

2.0.1, 2017-04-06
  • Spanish translation (thank you Carlos Jentsch for doing all the work)
  • Fix: select activity after search on older devices

2.0.0, 2017-03-26
  • New icon
  • Two additional colored levels
  • List of Outlines, save last position (Settings)
  • Indentation distance (Settings)
  • Improved Drag&Drop scroll speed
  • PRO: Sync Google Tasks (Settings, Synchronization)
  • New permissions for Google Tasks Sync
  • PRO: list of Outlines, icon for synced Outlines
  • PRO: notifications for due activities (Settings)
  • Fix: stability improvements
  • Fix: date format respects language on newer devices
  • Fix: Search, open synced Outlines

1.9.2, 2016-02-22
  • Android 6, general compatibility
  • Android 6, ask user for internal storage permissions (don't refuse!)
  • changed notification icon
  • better text alignment in activity list
  • Fix: occasional force close on lost Dropbox connections
  • Fix: ignore slashes in Outline name for HTML export

1.9.1, 2016-01-31
  • Fix: single tap not always recognised on some devices
  • Fix: quickEdit, ENTER key not correctly handled on some keyboards
  • Fix: quickEdit, better focus handling after inserting a new item via ENTER key
  • Fix: occasional force close when changing views for synced Outlines
  • Fix: overflow menu in toolbar crashed on some Samsung devices
  • Fix: date picker crashed on some Samsung devices

1.9.0, 2016-01-01
  • Material Design
  • update to latest Android API (sorry for the larger App size)
  • themed preferences
  • Undo Delete Activities
  • insert date/time at given position (Activity Edit, Menu)
  • changed default values for new Outlines
  • Show ToDo: Ok+Next did not work correctly
  • PRO: support EDS Truecrypt Container
  • PRO: choose Dropbox conflict strategy (Settings)
  • PRO: better research for unsynced Outlines
  • Fix: occasional force close when closing large Outlines

1.8.1, 2015-06-28
  • German translation
  • Japanese translation (thanks to Shuichi Sato for helping)
  • switch back to english via Settings, Languange
  • make URLs clickable in notes
  • allow deleting last Activity
  • Fix: stability improvements

1.8.0, 2015-04-05
  • PRO: Open Outlines directly from File-Managers, DropBox, BoxCryptor, OwnCloud
  • PRO: sync with Fargo (Web Outliner)
  • drop Support for Android 1.6
  • update to latest Dropbox API
  • Settings, Number Of Note Lines: more choices
  • Fix: occasional force close after coming back to unsaved activityEdit

1.7.1, 2015-02-03
  • faster scrolling in a very long list of Outlines
  • better search algorithm for external SD-card
  • Fix: force close after configuring level colors on a new, unsaved Outline

1.7.0, 2015-01-10
  • PRO: Level Colors (Config Outline, Color)
  • remember last position (disable in Settings)
  • Fix: OK+Next, too many Dropbox sync tries
  • Fix: OK+Next, occasional lost of last change if Dropbox sync

1.6.1, 2014-11-14
  • PRO: Sync Dropbox, better handling of sync conflicts
  • database preparations for future features
  • Fix: occasional force close during heavy scrolling

1.6.0, 2014-09-14
  • Drag & Drop (globally disable/enable in Settings)
  • PRO: automatic backup now completely in background
  • Fix: occasional force close after editing an activity

1.5.0, 2014-06-29
  • PRO: Outliner as sharing target for text (choose "Settings, Set Inbox" before first use)
  • PRO: share Outlines (Action, Share Outline)
  • PRO: sync, use notification instead of toast messages
  • better icon resolution
  • Fix: no write permission on external card on Android 4.4.x
  • Fix: sync opml, typo in title tag
  • Fix: QuickEdit, <return> sometimes clears other changes on Android 4.4.x
  • Fix: QuickEdit, keyboard obstructs activities
  • Fix: search target, no selection after sync -> show popup info
  • Fix: disable cut subtree if paste subtree is disabled

1.4.0, 2014-01-05
  • PRO: automatically finish branch (Config Outline)
  • PRO: sync OPML (e.g. OmniOutliner)
  • Send log file via mail (new permission required) (Settings)
  • Always ask before deleting an Outline
  • Finetune swipe gestures for newer devices
  • Fix: occasional force close on random swiping and tapping in quickEdit mode
  • Fix: occasional loosing first activity addition after coming back from background

1.3.0, 2013-09-01
  • Fix: occasional force close on random swiping and tapping
  • Fix: delete wrong activity if empty activity is deleted in quick edit mode
  • Setting to addy new activity at the top instead of the bottom (Settings)
  • Ellipsize long activity notes in list if there is hidden text (three dots at the end of the text)
  • Remove fading edges in list
  • Support Samsung Multi Window
  • PRO: Automatic Backup (Settings, Backup / Restore, Backup Schedule)

1.2.0, 2013-04-12
  • Fix: double tap for move mode did not properly work on newer devices
  • Line wrap title in activity edit
  • Checkbox respects button padding
  • Confirm delete (see Settings to toggle)
  • Import OPML
  • PRO: export OPML
  • PRO: import/export/sync Treepad, eastern european character set (see Settings, Synchronization, Treepad Character Set)
  • PRO: sync Dropbox, show notification for failed sync (e.g. no network)
  • PRO: Directory on external SD card (see Settings, Synchronization, Use External SD Card)
  • PRO Fix: restore problems on some devices

1.1.2, 2012-12-28
  • Fix: move mode, moving sometimes does not work with new activities
  • Fix: show Todo,  edit activity does not always save the new data
  • PRO: import/export/sync Treepad, non western character sets (see Settings, Synchronization) (Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese)
  • PRO: Fix: sync Dropbox, force close on first sync if file does not yet exist in Dropbox (introduced in V1.1.1, thanks to Sergey for reporting)

1.1.1, 2012-12-23
  • warn on first tutorial edit (do not use tutorial for production data)
  • PRO: Treepad UTF-8 support for Jreepad sync and non-western char sets (Settings)
  • PRO: Fix: more stability with lost internet connection and Dropbox sync (Treepad and Bonsai)
  • PRO: Fix: subtree menu did not always show on first try

1.1.0, 2012-11-25
  • import plain text (indentation with leading TABs)
  • import Treepad file format (HJT)
  • PRO: export plain text
  • PRO: export Treepad file format (HJT)
  • PRO: sync with Treepad (desktop outliner,

1.0.0, 2012-11-01
  • public PRO version in Google Play Store
  • privacy statement added to tutorial
  • new permission "internet access" for Dropbox sync
  • buttons in action bar of edit screens
  • cosmetic user interface changes
  • outline list: select row with character press on physical keyboard
  • Fix: occasional crashes after adding activities
  • Fix: occasional loss of last correction if activity edit not closed by user
  • PRO: HTML Export
  • PRO: sync Natara Bonsai (USB and Dropbox)
  • PRO: new view: Show Due
  • PRO: uncheck finished activities
  • PRO: delete finished activities
  • PRO: search
  • PRO: backup/restore all Outlines to/from SD-card
  • PRO: launcher shortcuts for Outlines
  • PRO: themes
  • PRO: cut/copy/paste subtree (also between Outlines)
  • PRO: expand/collapse subtree
  • PRO: configure default view for activity list
0.9.0 beta, 2012-03-31
  • Action Bar for Android 3.x and higher
  • FilePicker for import/export (any installed file manager on your device is used)
  • bigger fonts to configure for higher resolutions
  • respect device date format settings
  • enhance speed for Outlines with long activity notes
  • Fix: list sometimes gets no keyboard focus with hardware keyboard
  • Fix: rotations when using device upside down on newer tablets
  • further preparation for upcoming professional version of Outliner (Themes, Launcher Shortcuts)

0.8.7 beta, 2012-02-19
  • add a child in addition to adding a sibling (long click activity)
  • quickly add an activity with the new icon at the bottom right corner
  • quickly add or edit the next activity without leaving the edit screen (OK + Next)
  • keyboard shortcuts for moving/adding activities (see tutorial) 
  • Fix: issue with former russian DST
  • Fix: second change of a due date without leaving edit screen did not change the field

0.8.6 beta, 2011-11-10
  • friendly loading animation for large Outlines
  • speed up loading of large Outlines
  • automatic backup of all Outlines when installing a new version 
  • Fix: occasional force close when coming back to Outliner from another app
  • further preparation for upcoming professional version of Outliner (Backup/Restore)
0.8.5 beta, 2011-09-25
  • new "View" menu to clean up the options menu
  • search in all Outlines or within one Outline (menu or search button)
  • keyboard navigation and manipulation if the device has a hardware keyboard (see tutorial for shortcuts) 
  • Fix: move down allowed illegal moves in some circumstances
  • Fix: move mode, double tap crashed on some devices
0.8.4 beta, 2011-09-04
  • move mode to quickly move activities in the list (toggle by menu or by a double tap somewhere in the list)
0.8.3 beta, 2011-07-30
  • temporarily preserve scroll position while switching between views within an Outline
  • due date Button, more choices to set date
  • show small icon to indicate hidden activity notes
  • swipe (move your finger) to move activities left or right
  • expand parent activity when moving right
  • new "Action" menu to clean up the options menu
  • "Expand Levels" and "Import/Export" are now under Action menu
  • spinning progress icon while saving in background
  • enable app2sd for Android 2.2 and higher
  • quick edit: enable multiline in activity name
  • fast scrolling for large outlines (slider on the right while scrolling)
  • Fix: some stability issues are resolved
0.8.2 beta, 2011-05-05
  • no more soft keyboard opening on activity edit (hopefully on all devices now)
  • warning if Outline name is empty
  • prettify activity edit
  • configure the font size of activity notes (Settings)
  • further preparation for syncing to Natara Bonsai (Beta Test)
  • further improved speed when editing large outlines
  • hide note line in activity list when note is empty
  • due date button, add more choices (clear/today/tomorrow/week/month)
  • Fix: occasional force close with lost changes when turning device (sorry Willem for that)
  • Fix: changes sometimes not saved if Outliner killed by Android due to low memory
 0.8.1 beta, 2011-03-09
  • switch between portrait and landscape in activity list
  • back button always saves the data
  • configure tiny font for activity list (Config Outline)
  • import Bonsai, always use US locale for dates
  • further preparation for syncing to Natara Bonsai (Beta Test)
  • Fix: occasional force close when coming back to open activity list from other apps
  • Fix: failure when adding an acitvity as sibling of a subtree (bug introduced in V0.8.0)
 0.8.0 beta, 2011-02-20
  • improved speed when editing large outlines
  • cancel buttons in edit dialogs
  • import Bonsai OTL, preserve collapse state
  • import Bonsai, preserve priority
  • temporary note folding in context menu
  • configure number of note lines in activity list (Settings)
  • preparation for syncing to Natara Bonsai
  • Fix: occasional force close when entering toDo List
0.7.4 beta, 2011-01-23
  • CSV import/export UTF-8 to choose (check tutorial)
  • hide menus meaningless in context
  • better usability clicking activity tree
  • expand/collapse/click/longClick with d-pad
  • Fix: due date shifts back one day in several time zones
  • Fix: occasional force close with wrong CSVs
 0.7.3 beta, 2010-12-26
  • automatic capitalization in fields
  • configure font size in activity list (Config. Outline)
  • configure font size in outline list (Settings)
  • Fix: occasional force close when moving activities
  • Fix: moving activities too far left
0.7.2 beta, 2010-12-16
  • configure font for finished activities
  • CSV import/export - configure date format
  • configure outline from within activity list
  • expand/collapse all, show levels
 0.7.1 beta, 2010-11-30
  • ready for the Market
  • icon sizes and resolution
  • max. lines for notes
  • auto hide keyboard in edit mode
  • correct bug when left shift activity
0.7.0 beta, 2010-11-22
  • import/export - use correct codepages
  • finish-button in tree view, show/hide via "configure outline"
  • settings menu
  • configurable border around list buttons for easier hitting them
  • titles for context menus
  • smaller font for list of outlines
  • option to switch off the loading of a new tutorial
 0.6.0 beta, 2010-11-14
  • import/export CSV
  • todo view
  • tutorial
 0.5.0 beta, 2010-11-01
  • first open beta, try with care