Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

Outliner V0.7.5 beta

This version brings a better usability when navigating and clicking in the activity tree. It is now easier to hit a row and you also get a visual feedback now. And you can use your d-pad or keyboard to navigate in the tree. Use left/right to toggle collapse/expand. Try click and long click.

Changes 0.7.4:
  • CSV import/export UTF-8 to choose (check tutorial)
  • hide menus meaningless in context
  • better usability clicking activity tree
  • expand/collapse/click/longClick with d-pad
  • Fix: due date shifts back one day in several time zones
  • Fix: occasional force close with wrong CSVs
Changes 0.7.5:
  • Fix: occasional force close when using d-pad

Bonsai CSV import uses the character set for most western languages (ISO-8859-1). If you work with other character sets like russian or japanese and you want to import or export CSVs, it is better to use a general character set which understands all languages. This is why Outliner also exports and imports CSVs with "UTF-8" character set now. Please check the tutorial.

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