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Outliner V2.0.0 Google Tasks Sync, Notification

Google Tasks Sync

Outliner (PRO only) is able to sync with Google Tasks.
Within Google calendar (the browser version) you can also show your tasks in the side panel right of the calendar.
Please keep in mind, that Google's implementation of Tasks only supports 2 levels. A task and a subtask.

You can create several task lists (like "Outlines" in Outliner) with tasks (like "Activities" in Outliner).

Google Tasks
Setting up synchronization

In Outliner's "Settings, Synchronization" check "Sync With Google Tasks". Outliner asks for your Google account and for the permission to access your Google Tasks. After leaving the Settings, you will see your Google Tasks lists in the list of Outlines. The synced Outlines have a small indication icon at the right.

Detailed information how to add new synced Outlines and how to change local Outlines to synced ones is found in the Tutorial.

Recently Google launched it's own Tasks App for Android. It's great, but it restricts the number of levels to 2. Opening an Outline with more than 2 levels flattens the Outline. Every activity in deeper levels goes to level 2. So the structure of a complex Outline is destroyed.
Google warns you before the flattening process. If you are fine with only two levels, you can use Google's App together with Outliner.

In August 2018, Google announced to restrict the levels also for third party Apps like Outliner, beginning with August 2019. More information here:

Notifications For Due Activities

You may want to get notified, if the due date of an activity which is not yet finished is reached.
Via "Settings, Notification Policy" you can choose, if you want to get notified about activities due today or also about activities due in the past or if you don't want any notification at all. Notifications only work with Outliner's PRO version.

More information in the Tutorial.

Changes 2.0.0

  • New icon
  • Two additional colored levels
  • List of Outlines, save last position (Settings)
  • Indentation distance (Settings)
  • Improved Drag&Drop scroll speed
  • PRO: Sync Google Tasks (Settings, Synchronization)
  • New permissions for Google Tasks Sync
  • PRO: list of Outlines, icon for synced Outlines
  • PRO: notifications for due activities (Settings)
  • Fix: stability improvements
  • Fix: date format respects language on newer devices
  • Fix: Search, open synced Outlines

Use Outliner as your inbox for things you want to remember or things you just found while surfing.
First configure one of your Outlines as inbox in the settings.
Then for instance share a website and choose Outliner as sharing target. The link is added in Outliners inbox as a new activity.

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