Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

Outliner V1.5.0, Sharing

Outliner's PRO version learned sharing.

Outliner can act as a target for sharing texts

First you have to define a favorite outline via "Settings, Set Inbox". If you afterwards share any text (e.g. a web url from within your browser) and you choose Outliner as sharing target, Outliner opens your inbox outline and adds the text as a new activity at the end. You can edit the information before saving it. The back button brings you straight back to your web site within the browser.

Browser, long tap url, share

Outliner now also shares a whole outline

In the list of activities "Action, Share Outline" creates a simple HTML file which you can send to your mail client, to Dropbox or your file manager for saving. This is very similar to exporting to HTML and sending via a file manager, but much quicker.

Menu, Action, Share Outline

Changes 1.5.0

  • PRO: Outliner as sharing target for text (choose "Settings, Set Inbox" before first use)
  • PRO: share Outlines (Action, Share Outline)
  • PRO: sync, use notification instead of toast messages
  • better icon resolution
  • Fix: no write permission on external card on Android 4.4.x
  • Fix: sync opml, typo in title tag
  • Fix: QuickEdit, <return> sometimes clears other changes on Android 4.4.x
  • Fix: QuickEdit, keyboard obstructs activities
  • Fix: search target, no selection after sync -> show popup info
  • Fix: disable cut subtree if paste subtree is disabled

Use a double tap to toggle move mode.
Do not use the tutorial for production data. Updating Outliner overwrites the tutorial.

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Version History here. 

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4 Kommentare:

Ron hat gesagt…

Hi, just started using your application last night and so far, so good. It's running fine on Android/Linux v_2.3.5.

When I went to see the cost of the Pro version key, to my surprise, Google Play 'thinks' this app's now incompatible with the same phone that's successfully running the free version.

I note the minimum requirement is v_2.0 and I'm running Gingerbread, v2.35. May I assume that Play is giving an incorrect indication?

afritz hat gesagt…

Hmmm, I don't see the reason, why your device is not compatible. Must be a play store issue. What device to you have?
Please send a mail to android.outliner[at] I will try to find a solution.

Pascal.CRB hat gesagt…

Alfred, is there a place where we can seen a comparison of features between the free and the PRO version ?

afritz hat gesagt…

Here (under Features) you see, which additional features the PRO version has: