Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

Outliner V0.8.7 beta

This version mainly helps to add and edit items more quickly.

Changes 0.8.7:
  • add a child in addition to adding a sibling (long click activity)
  • quickly add an activity with the new icon at the bottom right corner
  • quickly add or edit the next activity without leaving the edit screen (OK + Next)
  • keyboard shortcuts for moving/adding activities (see tutorial) 
  • Fix: issue with former russian DST
  • Fix: second change of a due date without leaving edit screen did not change the field

Use a left/right swipe to quickly change the level of an activty.
Use the "move mode" to quickly move activities within an Outline (toggle by double tap or menu).
Use shortcut keys if you have a device with a keyboard (see tutorial).

General Info here.
Version History here. 
Android Market Link here.