Samstag, 10. Januar 2015

Outliner V1.7.0, Level Colors

For easier distinguishing the levels of the list of activities you can now configure the Outline to show Level Colors (PRO only).

In "Config Outline, Color" you enable this feature.

"Level Colors" gives the first four levels of the Outline a certain color.

Outliner suggests sensible default colors depending on your chosen theme (Light/Dark) if you enable Level Colors. However, you can choose your own colors by pressing the small button right to the color-listbox. For each level you can choose a color with a color wheel. The big middle circle is the general color and the half-round slider at the right side is the lightness. The half-round area at the left shows the chosen color.
"Default" switches back to the default colors for this Outline.

If you don't want to use any colors at all, change the configuration to "No Outline Colors".

Changes 1.7.0

  • PRO: Level Colors (Config Outline, Color)
  • Remember last position (disable in Settings)
  • Fix: OK+Next, too many Dropbox sync tries
  • Fix: OK+Next, occasional lost of last change if Dropbox sync

Use Outliner as your inbox for things you want to remember or things you just found while surfing.
First configure one of your Outlines as inbox in the settings.
Then for instance share a website and choose Outliner as sharing target. The link is added in Outliners inbox as a new activity.

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