Sonntag, 14. September 2014

Outliner V1.6.0, Drag & Drop

Eventually it is possible to move nodes via Drag & Drop. After so many user requests I could not longer resist. Thank you for your feedback!

The small buttons at the right side of the list let you drag an activity or a subtree and move it to another postition within the list.
You can disable the new feature in the Settings "Drag & Drop In All Views". However, in move mode the buttons always stay visible.

Outliner, Drag & Drop
Changes 1.6.0

  • Drag & Drop (globally disable/enable in Settings)
  • PRO: automatic backup now completely in background
  • Fix: occasional force close after editing an activity

A long click on the '+' button at the bottom adds a new activity at the beginning of the list instead of the end.
You can configure this behaviour in the Settings.

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