Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

Outliner V1.4.0, sync OPML (e.g. OmniOutliner for Mac)

Android Outliner now syncs with desktop applications which store their Outlines in OPML format.

This works with OmniOutliner for instance, which is THE Outliner for Mac with a really big user base.

If you store your Desktop Outlines in OPML format in your Dropbox, Outliner can sync them to your Android device.
If OmniOutliner uses OPML-format (instead of the native format), all formatting and attachments are lost. You get a simple text-based Outline. But this one you can synchronize with Android Outliner now.
OmniOutliner opens OPML-files which Android Outliner stores in Dropbox.

Screenshot from OmniOutliner's Tutorial
Please check the Tutorial for detailed information about OPML sync.

Changes 1.4.0

  • PRO: automatically finish branch (Config Outline)
  • PRO: sync OPML (e.g. OmniOutliner)
  • Send log file via mail (new permission required) (Settings)
  • Always ask before deleting an Outline
  • Finetune swipe gestures for newer devices
  • Fix: occasional force close on random swiping and tapping in quickEdit mode
  • Fix: occasional loosing first activity addition after coming back from background

User a swipe gesture to move an activity right or left.

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