Freitag, 12. April 2013

Outliner V1.2.0, OPML import/export and more

This (and the last version as well) brings some enhancements and bug fixes for synchronization, backup and newer Android versions.
Some new features are also included, like a configurable confirmation before Outliner deletes an item.
And there is OPML import/export now, which a lot of people demanded.

Thank you for all the feedback!

Changes 1.2.0
  • Fix: double tap for move mode did not properly work on newer devices
  • Line wrap title in activity edit
  • Checkbox respects button padding
  • Confirm delete (see Settings to toggle)
  • Import OPML
  • PRO: export OPML
  • PRO: import/export/sync Treepad, eastern european character set (see Settings, Synchronization, Treepad Character Set)
  • PRO: sync Dropbox, show notification for failed sync (e.g. no network)
  • PRO: Directory on external SD card (see Settings, Synchronization, Use External SD Card)
  • PRO Fix: restore problems on some devices

Changes 1.1.2
  • Fix: move mode, moving sometimes does not work with new activities
  • Fix: show Todo,  edit activity does not always save the new data
  • PRO: import/export/sync Treepad, non western character sets (see Settings, Synchronization) (Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese)
  • PRO: Fix: sync Dropbox, force close on first sync if file does not yet exist in Dropbox (introduced in V1.1.1, thanks to Sergey for reporting)

For Dropbox sync between two phones create an Outline with exactly the same name on the other device and configure it for Dropbox sync.

General Info here.
Version History here. 

Google Play Store Link here.
Google Play Store Browser Link here.
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2 Kommentare:

Unknown hat gesagt…

I have Samsung Note 8 and Outliner pro.
After import Treepad hjt (cyrillic) font is totally unreadable.
please help.

afritz hat gesagt…


thank you for you feedback.
There may be two reasons:

a) Character Set
Please choose the right character set before importing (Settings, Synchronization, Treepad Character Set)

b) RichText
Outliner is text based. If you use formatting in Treepad, the text is not readable in Outliner. For an explanation and a solution please have a look at the tutorial at: