Sonntag, 25. November 2012

Outliner V1.1.0, Treepad sync

This version enhances the compatibiliy with other systems. The great news is, that there is (besides Natara Bonsai) another desktop companion for Android Outliner, which also has a free version.

Android Outliner syncs with another desktop application now. Treepad is a well known Outliner, which has a free version (Treepad Lite) and also commercial versions with more features.
Treepad Lite is available for Windows and Linux. With Jreepad there is also a Java implementation from another developer which runs on Mac and Linux.
More information about Treepad here:

For more information about syncing with Treepad please check the Tutorial at:

Changes 1.1.0:
  • import plain text (indentation with leading TABs)
  • import Treepad file format (HJT)
  • PRO: export plain text
  • PRO: export Treepad file format
  • PRO: sync with Treepad (desktop outliner,

Use a left/right swipe to quickly change the level of an activty.
Use the "move mode" to quickly move activities within an Outline (toggle by double tap or menu).
Long click on an item in the list to get additional actions for this item.

General Info here.
Version History here. 

Google Play Store Link here.
Google Play Store Browser Link here.
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5 Kommentare:

Gottardo hat gesagt…

Thx .... but: Outliner only syncs with .hjt Treepad 6.x files, not .tpd Treeped 7.x?

Gottardo hat gesagt…

Hi - I tried using hjt-files, but I'am at a total loss as to how to configure Foldersync. I bought Outliner Pro and am considering Treepad, but if I don't find any step by step instructions, I'll have to assume this setup ist not consumer ready yet. Hope to get some ideas from you or from the Treepad people. happy new year, meanwhile.

afritz hat gesagt…

You are right, Outliner only syncs with .hjt files. But you can use this format also with Treepad 7.0.

The simple way is Dropbox sync. Outliners tutorial explains this in detail.

USB sync is something for users already using those 3rd party apps like Foldersync for file syncing. Foldersync is just an example. There are a lot of apps out there syncing files via Wifi or USB and Outliners tutorial does not explain how to use them. It works like this: You configure the Outline for "Treepad USV sync" and whenever you change someting in an Outline, Outliner exports a hjt to the SD card and imports a changed hjt. Foldersync is responsible to keep the hjt on the SD card in sync with the hjt on your desktop which you open with Treepad.

To contact me you can use the mail address found in the Google Play Store (android.outliner[at] We will find a solution.


Landis hat gesagt…

Question: Is it possible to normally sync with Bonsai, but then change the synch or at least export to TreePad.

I generally like Bonsai but am thinking it would be nice to move certain documents to a TreePad format via Outliner.

thanks for your great program!

afritz hat gesagt…

@L.S. Arnold
It's no problem to export a Bonsai synced Outline to any format at any time. Switching the sync method is not a good idea because not all desktop companions support all data fields. If you switch to treepad from Bonsai you may loose some of the special Bonsai fields, Otuliner supports.