Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

Outliner V0.7.2 beta

There is a new version in the Market hopefully respecting some of your suggestions.
Thank you for all the hints and comments and the encouragement.

If you had troubles importing due dates by the CSV import, there is a possibility now to choose the format of dates in the CSV. Check the content your CSV-file and select the appropriate date format in the import dialog.

Enjoy the release and have a good time :)

  • configure font for finished activities
  • CSV import/export - configure date format
  • configure outline from within activity list
  • expand/collapse all, show levels
Tip: If you press RETURN in quick edit mode within an activity-title, a new activity is generated as a successor of the actual one.

3 Kommentare:

vps hat gesagt…

Great app! I was looking for such an outliner ever since I considered moving from UIQ to Android. Coming from ShadowPlan (Palm) and Project (UIQ) here.

If you are looking for ideas:
- is there really an independent "Done" state for an action when there are sub-actions? Or isn't the super-action completed when all sub-actions are done? I prefer the latter.
- optional let the user enter a numeric value to each action (cost, time, whatever) and sum it up in super-actions.
- automatic backup to Google

Anyway I really like Outliner and would consider buying a commercial version or Donate.

afritz hat gesagt…


Automatic finishing an activity if the subtree is finished already was on the roadmap. This will be an option configurable per Outline.
Google Sync as well and a backup to the SD-Card (from where you can backup to DropBox for instance).

The numeric value is a good idea and became part of my todo-outline right now. Thank you for the tip and please stay patient. This is just the beginning.


Anonym hat gesagt…


Great job! Keep up the good work!