Dienstag, 30. November 2010

Outliner V0.7.1 beta, Market Version

Outliner is ready for the Market now.
Android Market Link: market://search?q=pname:at.ff.outliner

  • correct icon sizes for different resolutions
  • labels for names
  • autohide keyboard in edit mode
  • correct a bug when left shifting

Comments are, as always, welcome.

8 Kommentare:

Damiaan hat gesagt…

Thank you very much for taking the initiative for something like Bonsai on Android. It's the only reason I'm still carrying my Centro around. Already a couple of basic outlines are migrated, can't wait to get my GTD system over!

afritz hat gesagt…

Nice to hear that you found and used the Bonsai import. I also plan a sync with Bonsai desktop files. In the meantime you can help yourself with import/export.

Damiaan hat gesagt…

Sync would be great, I am now using Dropbox to get files to my Nexus. Are you planning to expand to full Bonsai functionality such as multiple dates, filters, etc?

afritz hat gesagt…

All dates, Bonsai has, are on the roadmap, the categories and a category view (contexts) and priority. An USB sync as well. The other things - depending how many people ask for it.
DropBox sync is a good idea - I will think about how to handle it as automatically as possible.

Damiaan hat gesagt…

Great, sounds good! I would be glad to test betas for you, as I have a big outline where I do my GTD stuff. Filters are very important for me!

afritz hat gesagt…

Please send examples of your personal filters via mail. You find my address in the Android Market. Filters should be discussed.

Unknown hat gesagt…

Very excited about this program. Been waiting for a good outliner since I left my Treo behind 3 years ago. Any plans for more universal sync than just Bonsai? (I'm on a Mac.)

Also hopeful for Expand/Collapse All/Family/Subfamily, etc buttons.

afritz hat gesagt…

The good old Palm Times... We all remember.
Besides Bonsai the roadmap shows sync with
- Todoist
- Google Tasks
- dropBox
- maybe BaseCamp
- Any other ideas? A free web service providing tree structure and dates and (which is important) an API/interface for syncing.

Expand/Collapse Subtree is also planned.
Please stay patient.