Samstag, 24. November 2018

Outliner V2.3.1, Rich Text (Format Activity Notes)

Via "Config Outline, Rich Text  (Format Activity Notes)" you enable a simple text editor with formatting features like bold, italic, underline, ... for activity notes of this certain Outline.

After enabling Rich Text there is a button bar with formatting buttons below your text in the activity note. On smaller displays not the whole button bar is visible but you can move it left/right with your finger to reach all the buttons.
The rightmost button removes the formatting of the selected text or of the whole note if no text is selected.

After disabling Rich Edit, Outliner removes all the formatting next time you open the Outline. The Outline is plain text afterwards.
If your Outline is synced, you must enable Rich Text for this Outline also on your other Android devices.

More information is found in the Tutorial.

This feature is only available in Outliner's PRO version.

Share an Outline including Rich Text formatting as a HTML file via "Action, Share Outline" in the list of activities. Choose a sharing target like your mail App or a Dropbox folder. The shared HTML-file with your Outline can be easily opened with every browser or even with Word. Via "Settings, Synchronization, HTML Style you can decide if you prefer a bullet list or a heading structure useful for opening the Outline in Word.

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