Sonntag, 25. September 2011

Outliner V0.8.5 beta

There is a new view menu with all the different views behind (more views to come in future releases).
And we have a search functionality now.

Use the Search button on your phone or the Search menu. Outliner finds all Activities matching the criteria you put into the search field. Outliner searches the Activity names and notes.

If you start the search from the list of Outlines, Outliner searches all Outlines. Starting the search from the list of Activities only finds Activities within the actual Outline.

If you have the PRO version, you can click an Activity in the list of found Activities. Outliner opens the Outline, positions the Activity topmost and marks it.

Changes 0.8.5:
  • new "View" menu to clean up the options menu
  • search in all Outlines or within one Outline (menu or search button)
  • keyboard navigation and manipulation if the device has a hardware keyboard (see tutorial for shortcuts) 
  • FIX: move down allowed illegal moves in some circumstances
  • FIX: move mode, double tap crashed on some devices

In addition to normal search you could use search to establish a tagging system. Put tags (e.g. #shopping, #friends, #holiday, ...) into your Activity notes or names and easily find Activities matching the tag. Intelligent organizing of the tags even gives you more flexibility (,, #holiday.thailand,, ...).

General Info here.
Version History here. 
Android Market Link here.

2 Kommentare:

Cleve Waterman hat gesagt…

How do I purchase the "Pro" version? I don't see any link in Android Market.

afritz hat gesagt…

To contact me you can use the mail address found in the Android Market (android.outliner[at] We will find a solution.