Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

Outliner V0.8.2 beta

There are some usability enhancements in this release and a big speed kick by moving the datasaving to the  background. And there was a nasty bug leading to the lost of the latest changes of an activity in some circumstances. I apologize for that.

Changes 0.8.2:
  • no more soft keyboard opening on activity edit (hopefully on all devices now)
  • warning if Outline name is empty
  • prettify activity edit
  • configure the font size of activity notes (Settings)
  • further preparation for syncing to Natara Bonsai (Beta Test)
  • further improved speed when editing large outlines
  • hide note line in activity list when note is empty
  • due date button, add more choices (clear/today/tomorrow/week/month)
  • Fix: occasional force close with lost changes when turning device (sorry Willem for that)
  • Fix: changes sometimes not saved if Outliner killed by Android due to low memory

You can configure each Outline separately. Use a long click on an Outline in the list of Outlines or use the menu in the activity list to reach the configure dialog. You also see this dialog when you add a new Outline.

General Info here.
Version History here. 
Android Market Link here.

A special thank to the beta testers for the great work.

8 Kommentare:

Anonym hat gesagt…

One of the most promising outliners for android. For small Projects I'd like to get some more support for a real (bluetooth or builtin) keyboard. Currently I can only type in text or change between entrys in the tree view. Creating new entries (e.g. cursor down after the latest entry) or moving entries right/left per cursor keys is not yet possible. On the other side: version 1 is not reached yet :)

afritz hat gesagt…

Try the quick-edit-mode (config Outline) for adding a new entry by pressing RET in the previous one.
Moving entries by cursor keys of the keybord is already planned (as well as moving by drag&drop).
Thank you for using Outliner.

k hat gesagt…

Is the development continuing? What's coming up next?

Anonym hat gesagt…

it would be great to be able to import plain text

afritz hat gesagt…

Expect a new version this weekend. With swiping to move activities and more.

afritz hat gesagt…

Import plain text:
Try the CSV-Import as described in the tutorial. With Excel it is easy to create a file with the needed format. The best way is to export a small Outline to CSV, open the file with Excel and add the plain text lines into the correct columns.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I like your outliner. I have had no problems with it. Very easy to use. I have 1 request, please make option to choose Font Size for Activity "Note". I can only choose Font Size Activity List, but not for Font Size Activity List Note. (correct me if I am wrong), regards, Marco.

afritz hat gesagt…

@Anonym (Marco)
If you change the font size via "Config Outline" you change the font size of activity names AND notes in the List.
If you change the font size of the Edit Dialogs via "Settings" you also change the font size of the notes ein the Edit Dialogs.
Please also check if you use the latest version.
Hope I could help.
For an easier discussion of further questions please send a mail to the address in Outliners "About Dialog".