Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

Outliner V0.8.1 beta

This release is mainly a bug fix version with fixes and small improvements.

The beta tester group works on testing the sync to Natara Bonsai. Thanks to the Beta Testers for the great work!

Changes 0.8.1:
  • switch between portrait and landscape in activity list
  • back button always saves the data
  • configure tiny font for activity list (Config Outline)
  • import Bonsai, always use US locale for dates
  • further preparation for syncing to Natara Bonsai (Beta Test)
  • Fix: occasional force close when coming back to open activity list from other apps
  • Fix: failure when adding an acitvity as sibling of a subtree (bug introduced in V0.8.0)

Depending on the size of your fingers and the resolution of your phone it can be difficult to correctly hit the buttons in the list. You my accidentally start editing an activity instead of expanding a sub-tree.
To avoid this you can tell the system to enlarge the size of the buttons by surrounding them with empty space. Try the different values and choose the one being the best compromise between wasted room and good usability. This is found in "Settings, Button Padding".

General Info here.
Version History here. 
Android Market Link here.

Thank you for all the suggestions and the friendly comments.

11 Kommentare:

JanPeer hat gesagt…

Hi, I am trying for many days to import or install without succes the OTL files from Bonsai.

Can you tell me how to organize the files on the SD-card so that Outliner will be abble to read them?

Thanks for your help, I have't find an other way to contact you.


afritz hat gesagt…

First of all please check the tutorial in this Blog.
You will find detailed information there about how to import.
To contact me you can use the mail address found in the Android Market (android.outliner[at]

JanPeer hat gesagt…

I thank you for your quick response and now I found the right way.
It works and I am really grateful.
I will send you a mail with some suggestions.

Best regards

Anonym hat gesagt…

The app looks great. Does it have a web interface? I'm looking for an easy outliner that works on line and in android. Any suggestions?

afritz hat gesagt…

Right now there is a sync to Natara Bonsai at the Beta Tester Group. In future there will be additional syncs to other online services. Depending on existing APIs and what you are asking for.

Filipe hat gesagt…

Found this app through a review on useful technology/tools for writing.

My #1 need right now, would be syncing tasks with my Google tasks, but I cannot find a way to do that?

There are mentions of a Pro version, but I have been unable to find it?

afritz hat gesagt…

Outliner will sync with Google Tasks when Google provides an official API for that and if there is enough demand from the users.
The PRO version is tested by the Beta Tester Group right now. Please be patient.


Anonym hat gesagt…

How can I get the PRO version?
I have a few dozen Bonsai outlines I'd like to convert and use on my Nook Color

afritz hat gesagt…

You don't need the PRO Version to import Bonsai Outlines, just for syncing with Bonsai. Please check the Tutorial.
The PRO version is tested by the Beta Tester Group right now. Please be patient.

Unknown hat gesagt…


How can I join the beta team ?

I am a long bonsai user and have big outlines to test



afritz hat gesagt…

To contact me you can use the mail address found in the Android Market (android.outliner[at]