Samstag, 30. Juli 2011

Outliner V0.8.3 beta

You can now move activities left/right by swiping (moving your finger). Expect a move mode and drag&drop in the next releases.
The menu of the activity list is cleaned up by a new "Action" menu now. All actions relating to the whole Outline are now under this menu.
If you hide your note via "Config Outline" you can see a small icon in the activity list now indicating that a note exists.

Changes 0.8.3:
  • temporarily preserve scroll position while switching between views within an Outline
  • due date Button, more choices to set date
  • show small icon to indicate hidden activity notes
  • swipe (move your finger) to move activities left or right
  • expand parent activity when moving right
  • new "Action" menu to clean up the options menu
  • "Expand Levels" and "Import/Export" are now under Action menu
  • spinning progress icon while saving in background
  • enable app2sd for Android 2.2 and higher
  • quick edit: enable multiline in activity name
  • fast scrolling for large outlines (slider on the right while scrolling)
  • FIX: some stability issues are resolved

If you add a new activity, you can use the context menu (long click) of an existing activity to add the new one as a sibling under the existing one. Use the normal menu to add the activity at the end.

General Info here.
Version History here. 
Android Market Link here.


Anonym hat gesagt…

ever since i upgraded to android 2.3.3 i haven't been able to import bonsai outlines. are there any issues you know of or am i doing something wrong?

afritz hat gesagt…

To contact me you can use the mail address found in the Android Market (android.outliner[at] We will find a solution.
There is no reason why the import should not work any more.
- Check the directories on the SD-card (like described in the tutorial).
- Check the activity name and compare it to the file name you want to import (capital letters?).
- Try an export of a test-Outline and look where it lands.
- Please provide an exact description of the problem.
- Do you see an error message? Which one?
- Do you try to import a CSV or an OTL?