Samstag, 31. März 2012

Outliner V0.9.0 beta

This version adds enhancements for newer Android devices and tablets.

On devices with an Android version 3.0 and above there is now an Action Bar at the top of the screen which provides shortcuts to some actions otherwise found in the menu. You can for instance quickly change the view or toggle move mode. On older devices you reach these actions via the menu button as usually.

When importing/exporting an Outline you can now use a file manager to pick the file (the button with the tree dots next to the filename). Outliner shows a list of installed applications which may provide a file picker. "OI File Manager" or "ES File Explorer" for instance will do the job and will be automatically chosen if installed. You find these applications at the Google Play Store.

Changes 0.9.0:
  • Action Bar for Android 3.x and higher
  • FilePicker for import/export (any installed file manager on your device is used)
  • bigger fonts to configure for higher resolutions
  • respect device date format settings
  • enhance speed for Outlines with long activity notes
  • Fix: list sometimes gets no keyboard focus with hardware keyboard
  • Fix: rotations when using device upside down on newer tablets
  • further preparation for upcoming professional version of Outliner (Themes, Launcher Shortcuts)

Use a left/right swipe to quickly change the level of an activty.
Use the "move mode" to quickly move activities within an Outline (toggle by double tap or menu).

General Info here.
Version History here. 
Google Play Store Link here.
Google Play Store Browser Link here.


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zookman hat gesagt…

wo/wie kann man die pro version bekommen?

afritz hat gesagt…

Schick mir eine Mail unter android.outliner[at]