Sonntag, 5. April 2015

Outliner V1.8.0, BoxCryptor, ownCloud

Open Outlines with file mangers or cloud Apps

Outliner now opens any of it's supported file formats directly from a file manager (like ES Explorer, EDS) or from Cloud Apps (like Dropbox, BoxCryptor, ownCloud,...).

You may need this in the following situations:
  • your Outlines are in other cloud folders than the ones Outliner needs (e.g. with
  • you use a cloud service other then Dropbox (e.g. OwnCloud)
  • you want to be sure that you Outlines are encrypted in the cloud (e.g. BoxCryptor)
  • you want your Outlines to be encrypted in a Truecrypt container (EDS Encrypted Data Store)
  • you use some third party sync tool (like FolderSync) and want to organize your Outlines with a file manager
In the Tutorial you will find more information at:
In particular you can consider the possibility to keep Outlines with sensible personal data encrypted in the cloud by using BoxCryptor or EDS.

Changes 1.8.0

  • PRO: Open Outlines directly from File-Managers, DropBox, BoxCryptor, OwnCloud
  • PRO: sync with Fargo (Web Outliner)
  • Drop Support for Android 1.6
  • Update to latest Dropbox API
  • Settings, Number Of Note Lines: more choices
  • Fix: occasional force close after coming back to unsaved activityEdit

Use Outliner as your inbox for things you want to remember or things you just found while surfing.
First configure one of your Outlines as inbox in the settings.
Then for instance share a website and choose Outliner as sharing target. The link is added in Outliners inbox as a new activity.

General Info here.
Version History here. 

Google Play Store Browser Link here.

Feel free to donate via PayPal to support further development.

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Pascal.CRB hat gesagt…

hi Freddy (think this is your name behind afritz ?)

I like Outliner a lot and sometimes tend to provide suggestions to make it even more convenient (at least for me ;-)

However, where can I post comments/suggestions to you ? I did not find such option on this blog.


afritz hat gesagt…

Simply send a mail to android.outliner[at]