Sonntag, 26. Dezember 2010

Outliner V0.7.3 beta

The new version brings more possibilities to configure the font sizes and some bug fixes.

  • automatic capitalization in fields
  • configure font size in activity list (Config. Outline)
  • configure font size in outline list (Settings)
  • Fix: occasional force close when moving activities
  • Fix: moving activities too far left
Have a peaceful christmas time!

Tip: Most of the configuration options are per Outline. This means, that for instance you are able to show the finish-checkbox in your todo-list but hide it in your memo-list.
Tip: CSV import is only useful if you have a CSV-file matching the format, Outliner can import. Check the tutorial for a description.

4 Kommentare:

Unknown hat gesagt…

This is a fantastic program. Not the gliziest, but it does what it needs to do which to me is far more important than eye-candy. What is really great is that it imports Bonsai formet, which means I can use Bonsai desktop paired with Dropbox to author large outlines on my laptop and "sync" with Outliner on my Nexus One.

Great! Thank you so much!

Fred G hat gesagt…

Can I password protect outlines?

I'm converting from the BrainForest outliner on Palm so my outlines are in .pdb format. Will outliner read .pdb files?

I'd love to have it sync with a desktop version also, like BrainForest.

Have you looked into, or heard of anyone "porting" BrainForest to Android. It seems like that would save you a lot of work writing code, ie., "re-inventing the wheel."

I would gladdly pay for a "pro version" with these features.


afritz hat gesagt…


Outliner does not import BrainForest, but the desktop application of Natara Bonsai does (a great Outliner by the way). And Outliner imports and exports Bonsai files. You can get a 30 day evaluation copy at

I plan to add some additional features similar to BrainForest and sync with Bonsai in future - so this combination will become what you demand.

Thanks for using Outliner

afritz hat gesagt…

Password Protection is on the roadmap via encryption.